My new ambitions - Street Drawings Day 1

As an artist, I can conjur up anything that I want, I can invent new species, create whole people from just a blank page, I can even create an entirely new world should I have the time. However, when working so much with your imagination you'll soon get to realise that it can't come up with much if there's nothing in there to begin with. You must pack your brain box with stuff! That's perhaps why a common trait amongst most illustrators and animation artists is to be incredibly curious about everything, almost to a fault. It can be nauseating to be around for the muggles in their lives. Yes, you have to feed the beast in order for it to grow and get stronger and have ideas of it's own.

Most of what I know about drawing comes from learning about animation. Stealing tips and tricks wherever I can find them and cramming them together into my own workflows and ideas. There was a great teacher by the name of Walt Stanchfield, who by his own admmission was not the greatest animator in the world, but discovered he had an immense gift for teaching others it's mysterious arts. His lecture notes are now available in a 2 volume set called Drawn to life, and for any aspiring artist, in any field, the ethusiasm, charm and massive insight with which he teaches is hugely beneficial. Aside from teaching the art, his notes are filled with advice to take with you into your wider life: be curious. Take in everything you can, draw everything you can, as it allows you to process what you're looking at in a deeper, more analytical and personal way. And never go home the same way twice, seek out new things for your eyes to take in.

And this is what I'm now taking on. Inspired by people I admire, and whose work I follow on a day to day basis like Justin Rodrigues and Will Terrell, I'm now making time in my schedule to leave the studio, head out into the world and take a look at things a new. Taking inspiration from the real world and real people around me. Mainly at cafes it has to be said, but I can't resist a choc chip muffin.


When you spend so much time at a computer, allowing yourself to go back and perfect every inch of a piece, it's such a startlingly refreshing challenge, to put a character to paper before they get up and leave. 

Here's today's work:

old man from cafe, lewisham

FYI: I'm using blue colerase pencils, a pentel brush pen and a toned, recycled paper sketchbook.


This is just the start of my journey down this path. There'll be plenty more coming up and I'm sure I'll have a lot more thoughts on it then.

In the meantime, why not stop by Wll Terrell's youtube channel and see a master at work.




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