New work from the old.

Big Al - Money jar

This weekend I got to spend some quality family time with my little neice and nephew, and got to visit a couple of car boot sales, which was a teasure trove on tat, which is a treat for people like me. I was lucky enough to pick up this little gem. A Big Al, disney piggy bank. He's got a charm all on his own don't you think? 


Hopefully I'll eventually get to give him a clean and maybe even a new paint job, but for now he's going to watch over me and collect my cintiq fund :)

In an effort to bring my portfolio and branding up to scratch, I've been working on my website design, clarifying, cutting down and simplifying every corner of the site. One of the things that's happened to me as I've evolved as an artist, is that old work, that have previously been a favourite of mine, in terms of character or design, falls away. In an effort to salvage old gems, I decided to repaint a couple of older pieces.


See a comparison below of the final work. This time I took the liberty of recording the paint session, for your interest. Take a look at the embed below.

Gaming Girl Illustration comparison

Thanks for looking. Speak soon.




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